About Us

About The CEO

Hi! Thank you for checking out Uptown Girl Beauty Co! My name is Michenelle and recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Throughout college, I have always used skin care and cosmetics as not only a creative but mental outlet. It brought me peace, and I even started my YouTube channel to expand my outlet. My love for beauty grew as a result of being criticized about my looks. I was always told that I had too much of a "big nose", my eyes were too "chinky", or my lips were too full. I soon realized that my beauty was blinding. My black is beautiful! I am from Brooklyn, NY (one of the best cities ever 🧡); I will forever love NYC and that's why it is apart of my brand. While shopping, just member: you are ALREADY beautiful, and are only enhancing your beauty. Embrace it!

About Uptown Girl Beauty Co

Uptown Girl Beauty Co. was first known as Uptown Girl Lashes Co, a black woman-owned lash brand that focused on selling affordable mink lashes to all. Uptown Girl Lashes Co was started in 2019 by the current CEO, Michenelle D., and former CEO, Deneisha C. However, in July 2020, it was developed into a black-owned beauty brand that sells multiple cosmetic items besides faux eyelashes: natural lip gloss, lip scrubs, and more to come.  

Uptown Girl Beauty Co. was created for the queens and kings who want to enhance their beauty with both affordable and natural products. We also encourage minorities and people of color to embrace who they are, especially their skin color and where they are from (because they are mostly from inner cities).We want people to know just how beautiful they are, and how being from a city area and of course brown/black in any way is beautiful! 

Enjoy your products and be sure to follow us on Instagram @uptowngirlbeautyco & @michenelle_ 🧡